Thursday, May 1, 2008

Updating the To-Do list

Just another item off of the To-Do list. When I moved the list of demon names, I only tested it in MT1. But loading a save from MT2 just displayed empty space for names. This is fixed now, and here's a picture.

While testing this, I also noticed another thing that needed to be added. Whenever you enter a city or village, it displays the name in the upper-left corner. The game always seems to have more text drawing routines than it should, and this was a new one that I missed. So I changed this one too, and now it looks like this.

Looking over the old To-Do list, some things have been taken care of while there are others to add to it.

High Priority
  1. Fix name display for status screens, combat and fusion menu.
  2. Fix demon class and name display for combat and analyzer.
  3. Translate the Game Over screen, and replace the graphics just like in the intro.
  4. Finalize names for demons, items and spells.
  5. Work on further compressing text in dialogue.
  6. Make sure that strings display correctly with new dialogue.
  7. Verify that item names work in shops and equip screen.
Low Priority
  1. Change the font used in the intro and title screen.
  2. Fix the flickering when drawing 8x8 text.
  3. Figure out what to do with decidedly Japanese names (Jakyou Manor, demon class names).

For the High Priority items, I didn't want to have to do it, but it looks like I'll have to work on #1 next. It's a real show-stopper, and shouldn't be too hard to fix, but it's gonna be long and boring.

I have an idea for handling #5, but I can see a potential for breaking some other things in the game, which is why #6 and #7 have been added to the list. Instead of compressing the text, I may just move it out somewhere so that I'll have all the room I need. The game has built-in routines to print text from other areas, so I'll just tweak it a bit.

Things are starting to get more interesting now. After these things are taken care of, I might finally be able to play through MT1 in English. :)


Masune said...

Why not just look at the American releases when your deciding what to change the place names to?

Though I wouldn't mind if you stuck with Jakyou Manor instead of Cathedral of Shadows or Heretic Mansion. Though I'm probaly the only one who wants to see that. Ha.

Anonymous said...

Japanese names better