Saturday, April 19, 2008

Minor map triumph

I went ahead and did this little map fix for Megami Tensei 1 today. The original game called this 2nd-to-last area "Honoo-no-Fukai", 炎の腐海, or "Sea of Rotting Flames". I decided to leave "Rotting" out of the translation, since I think it's sort of unnecessary, makes the name too long, and "Sea of Flames" evokes the same desired mental image to an American player.

It's called the Sea of Flames because this area is made up of walls of fire. The party takes a point of damage every time you take a step. Hopefully by this point, you'll have several hundred HP for each character. There's also a healer here, so you shouldn't have too much trouble.

The Sea of Flames is an important area to reach. Several key events needed to beat the game can only be found here. This is where Lucifer has imprisoned Izanami, though you will have to solve a puzzle and need a few key items. It also holds an important item that you will most likely need to defeat Lucifer in the final battle (unless you're cheating, of course). Finally, you can receive one of the game's ultimate equipment by beating the area's boss.

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